Timeless Skin & Beauty recipes for maximum skin health to reduce acne, breakouts, eczema, psorasis and other skin disorders plus feel renergized and maybe even lose a kilo or two. We have helped many clients externally with their skin concerns aswell as underlying internal issues including my own personal ovarian cyst.
Recipes are designed by a naturopath, personal fitness trainer and beauty therapist for optimum nutrition.
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3 ingredients
Gluten and Dairy Free
2 eggs,
1 banana
tsp of flax seeds brazilian nut mix
chop & mash together

Top with handful berries microwaved with tbslp water and honey
Clean Tea made here in Trigg!
Peppermint, Camomile, rosehip, barberry, lemongrass to purify and nourish. Good for skin/body congestion, digestive issues, hormone imbalance, acne, skin toning and anti ageing benefits.
image-550772-smoothie Bowls.jpg?1449058152891
Smoooothie Bowls!
Vegan & Gluten Free Options!
These are really filling and refreshing for these hot summer mornings!
Almond Milk (You can't taste it, stop complaining)
1 banana
Handful of berries of choice
Tblsp Cocoa & Flax Seed
On it's own or over granola/weetbix/cereal
Top with honey and leave a peice of each ingredient out for garnish.
Here we added shredded coconut too and for a tropical option (far left) Add pineapple, mango, peaches, apricot.

Work week breakkie

​I save these bowls from my cup-of-rice.
One egg
Pinch of capsicum
Pinch of red onion
Pinch of  feta
Cumin ground seasoning
Served with smash avocado in cup.
image-570076-meal prep.jpg?1452077311504
Eat Your Colours!
Meal prep. I cut up a whole bunch of these to use throughout the week. I've used my left over cup of rice bowls but also find tapas plates good too.
image-570059-image (3).jpeg?1452075277712
Lunch time Protein + Omega 3
Brown rice
Tuna of desired flavour
Kidney beans
Danish feta
Water with lemon and cucumber for hydration, detoxing and reduce appetite
Aloe vera & Beetroot
Anti cancerous high strength antioxidants to purify and rebalance the PH. Good for hormone, chemical imbalances, cysts and inflammation whilst nourishing skin ailments.
image-570062-photo (1).JPG?1452076370549
My favourite Breakfast
Will post smash avo recipe separate as I use this everywhere!

Two poached eggs
Gf bread
Smashed Avo with tomato
Side of ham or bacon
Pepper to season
My hubby to be and my favourite place in the Mandurah Marina overlooking the water and under $50 for two with sides and coffee <3 Easy enough to make at home once a week as shouldn't have bacon every day!

Snack attack!

Berries & Greek yogurt + honey
Good energy pick me up with natural sugars and antioxidants boost it's like premium fuel to your brain
Dinner and lunch Prep!
Garlic + Morrocan Chicken Roasted
with Sweet potato, home grown tomato, broccolini.
I ate this with corn but this is great prep for salad fillers!
Enriched with vitamins and real food! I'm a big fan of eating colours not just greens as quite often there lays the stronger antioxidants and minerals.

Dinner is ready!

Served with corn and feta
Acne/hormonmal Skins- Avoid sugary drinks, high sodium, saturated fats and DAIRY. Turmeric supplement, lots of purify cleansing natural water, fresh vegies and food to reduce inflammation. kelp. spirulina, zinc.

Allergenic/Itchy/inflamed Skin- Avoid sugary drinks, processed food, yeast, gluten, carbonated drinks.
Increase Omega 3, reservatrol,  silica, nuts, goods oils, pure food found naturally, minimal pestiside contact

Flushed red rosacea skin - avoid processed food and chemicals and sulphur (YES WINE is high in sulfur)
Spicey foods would be a no no and similar dietary to inflammed skins.