with Benefits...

  • Save on your monthly facial
  • incorporate complementing treatments at a set price
  • Peels and professional Masques from $20
  • Diamond microdermabrasion $40
  • Rejuvenating LED $60
  • Dermapen Collagen Induction $150
  • Booking priority
  • Better results and consistency
  • Flawless skin
  • Monthly, Annual or 0% interest SalonPay repayments

$49 Mini Spa Facial

Everything you need in a relaxing facial. Choose from Skeyndor POWER C for a brightening antioxidant calming facial or HYALURONIC to soothe and replenish water loss or indulge in PAYOT or DECLEORS luxury French aromas

allow 30 minutes

$69 Rejuvenating Facial

Resurfacing is a softening plumping treatment for the skin to assist in the ageing process aswell as fine line, scar tissues, pigmentation and skin repairing.Choose from a triple action microdermabrasion, an AHA facial or Intense Retinol

allow 40 minutes

$89 Express LED Spa Facial

The latest in antiageing technology brings you a L.E.D device using two wave lengths to stimulate the collagen production and heal cell membranes thus speeding up their communication system for a faster cell metabolism. The light is applied over a marine and botanical l.e.d. activated collagen masque for superior ingredient delivery technology

allow 40 minutes

$99 Serious Facialist

Step it up from your usual facial with these advanced treatments. CHoose from an hour OMNILUX facial, an hour advanced AHA microdermabrasion or try the strongest and most powerful antiageing, brightening antioxidant in a 50% Peel allowing 40 minutes

$119 Facial Queen

The best of the best combined into an amazing rejuvenating relaxation facial. Omnilux hour facial with AHA Peel, Microdermabrasion hour facial with Omnilux or an Hour L.E.D Collagen Marine Spa Facial

Diamond Membership
Unlimited salon use for six months $2999

​Who is this efficient for? The client whom has regular waxing and or lashes, a lady who loves her rejuvenation courses. There is no restrictions on this course however 10 regular treatments would make the diamond membership more economical. Together we can tailor a regular program to ensure your looking and feeling your absolute best! Wether it's a 4 hour beauty day once a month or a fortnightly visit or a weekly quick fix this is the package for you! 
​Exclusive to 10 Memberships a year
​Available as single upfront payment or $500 upfront with direct debit options

Argyle Membership
Who is an Argyle Member?

The Argyle client enjoys a monthly spa rejuvenation day or perhaps the weekly maintenace of waxing, lashes, facial or nails. The Argyle lady may enjoy seasoned rejuvenation courses, either way her options are UNLIMITED for an entire year plus take home your suitable Cleanser, Exfoliator, Serum, Moisturiser, Eyecream & Foundation $4999
​Exclusive to 5 Memberships a year

​Available as single upfront payment or $1000 upfront with direct debit options
Standard booking policy applies, $0 Sign up/Cancellation fee. Terms and conditions apply. Speak to your therapist to sign up today and get GLOWING